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The day I was cursed by a Gypsy woman

We went to the store and we’re at the checkout line and this fuckin gypsy woman comes up to us and is talking to us all crazy. I could barely understand anything she was saying except “excuse me young man..excuse me young man..”
We tried to ignore her but she wouldn’t go away and all of sudden she got pissed (probably because we were trying to ignore her) slurred some gypsy talk to us and then pulled this stone out of some glove she had in her pocket flashed it at us and then vanished. (well she didn’t completely vanish..but that would have been creepy)
She just stood there staring at us..she was missing teeth and she looked crazy.And why the fuck was she carrying around a stone???Who does that??I’ll tell you who! GYPSY WOMEN!! 
So now i’m cursed for life…Anyone know how to undo a Gypsy curse?